Every dentist needs an effective micromotor machine for implantology and dental endodontics that allows him to work daily in conditions of comfort and safety.
After all, the micromotor is one of the most used machines in dental offices, whether it is ordinary procedures or much more delicate and complex operations that require extreme precision. In this case the machine must be performing and at the same time easy to use from the beginning to the end of the process.

The doctor must be able to trust the instrument he has in his hand and its technical functions, in order to be able to fully dedicate himself to his patient. With this awareness in mind, B&B Dental wanted to renew and update its previous micromotor, creating Physio Brushless 3000.

It is a machine made entirely in Italy both as regards the design and its creation. In fact, B&B makes use of the engineering support of the historic company RTC Sistemi SNC, the result of a decade of experience in the field of state-of-the-art electromedical instrumentation.

Physio Brushless 3000 features an improved magnetic motor compared to its previous version that allows the user to automatically check and adjust all parameters at any time, as well as guaranteeing automatic calibration in the various work phases. The absence of brushes (brushless) gives rise to a series of advantages: it creates a lower mechanical resistance, also eliminating the presence of sparks due to rubbing, reducing the probability of malfunctions and the need for periodic maintenance.

Furthermore, the noise level is reduced, the speed can be controlled extremely precisely and the amount of heat produced is less than that generated by the use of a traditional engine.

Generally therefore, the efficiency of this type of engine exceeds that of the previous and standard type engines, as well as the expected life of the machine as a whole is considerably extended.

With regard to machine operation, which reaches 40,000 RPM (revolutions per minute), there are 5 complete work programs, each of which can be customized and registered according to your needs according to the following parameters:

RPM (revolutions per minute)
pump flow rate
direction of rotation.
The control of the parameters by the professional is possible both on the central front panel and via the foot pedal.

The automatic peristaltic pump, with 3 different work intensities, was installed externally to the central unit, to ensure an additional protection element in case of liquid leaks.

Physio Brushless 3000 is delivered to the customer complete with: pedal board, central control unit, support for micromotor, micromotor, protective cap for sterilization, infusion set, support rod for physiological treatment and, on request, the carrying case.

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