8TH – 9TH JUNE 2018


DR. Claudio Banzi
DR. Ioana Datcu
BCG Technology (B&B DENTAL)
Via Due Ponti 17 ARGELATO (BOLOGNA, Italy)


The course provides a wide view of the product lines of B&B Dental showing their details and features. The main aim of the courseis to give a complete clinical experience on DURAVIT implant system and it is organized to give a wide prospectie of bio materials (bone regeneration), membranes and their surgical uses. During the course we will have a brief introduction to Computer Guided Surgery, with an exposition of the use of the software.


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By exploiting new technologies, B&B Dental is constantly evolving to help dentists with daily clinical implantological procedures. The course is dedicated to professionals seeking a new approach to implantology and guided surgery techniques. B&B Dental has developed the instruments to help the doctors obtain long-term successful outcomes with implant therapy. Through research, B&B Dental has optimized its products and a guided surgery protocol that combines clinical technique and materials to achieve the optimal functional and aesthetical results. B&B Dental has created a complete system for digital guided surgery and advanced treatment modalities to provide smart solutions even in difficult and challenging cases. Guided Surgery revolutionizes dentistry, enabling more specific diagnoses, virtual planning of surgical procedures with quicker, safer and more precise treatments.


1st DAY
09:30 / 16.00
Guided visit of the production site
Company and products presentation history, product lines, surgical protocols and procedures (soft bone and hard bone,
Sinus lift techniques
Surgical kits, regeneration material and implants exhibition.
Notions of aesthetics in implantology
2nd DAY
09:30 / 16.00
Guided Surgery short introduction
Workflow explications with exhibition of one real case from the beginning to the end (impression taking, radiological guide with markers, CBCT imaging and 3D scanning, surgical guide and model printing)
Software workshop during which doctors place some implants (with B&B DENTAL surgical guides).

Training and 2 nights in Hotel (with breakfasts, lunches and a final dinner) will be free of charge for all participating doctors with the mandatory purchase of B&B DENTAL material.


Dr. Claudio Banzi


Graduated from the University of Bologna in 1980 with a Degree in Medicine and Surgery, and specialised in Odontostomatology at the University of Modena in 1985. Scientific director of B.& B. Dental, Author of the Duravit Implant method and certain European patents on materials for bone reconstruction in the Maxillofacial district. Speaker at national and international events on advanced implant techniques. Author of national publications on issues in implants and reconstruction. Currently a self-employed professional in Bologna.

Dr. Ioana Dactu


Dr. Ioana Datcu graduated in 2007 from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. She has held private dental practices in Ravenna (ID Dental Clinic), Emilia Romagna, where she is specialized in Fixed Prosthetic Dentistry and Periodontology & Implant Dentistry. She also collaborated with other practices in Implant Surgery and is a co-author of Italian and international scientific publications. She is also B&B’s Clinical Tutor for their Implant Surgery. Training Course in Portugal. Over the years, Dr. Datcu has attended various courses in her field, such as:
– One year course in Periodontal Surgery with Doctor Giovanni Zucchelli in 2013
– Implant Surgery courses in New York with Doctor Dennis Tarnow and Doctor Stephen Chu.
– Three year course in Implant and Periodontal Dentistry with Doctor Alessandro Agnini.