Sinus lift

This surgical kit helps to prepare an implant site near the Schneider Membrane and lift the sinus. It is specific to the innovative DURAVIT CRESTAL SINUS LIFT technique, which involves a controlled crestal osteotomy in order to raise the maxillary sinus membrane with great simplicity and extreme safety, with direct implant placement even in the presence of minimal crestal residues.

Sinus Lift Kit


These instruments are used to incise the mucous, drill and compact the maxillary bone, and push the regeneration material inside the bone sinus to prepare the site for implant placement.


All the instruments in the kit are made from tempered steel, which ensures stain resistance and high resistance to wear and tear. The cutting power of drills and compactor-expanders is guaranteed, but it is recommended that their cutting edges are checked regularly.


The kit includes a launch drill, torque mounting ratchet, manual key, a progressive sequence of compactor-expanders for manual drivers suitable for newly-formed manual osteotomes, and depth stops of different lengths between 4 mm and 9 mm. The kit differs mainly for the presence of two specific instruments for this technique: PUSH PINS, with diameters of 3.5 mm and 4 mm for pushing graft material into the bone cavity, and PUSH SCREWS, of the same diameters and useful for preparing an implant site for implant insertion.


The DURAVIT CRESTAL SINUS LIFT technique can be used when the bone available is between 4 and 9 mm and in all anatomical conditions adequate for implant stability in the site. It is necessary to take all due precautions, including appropriate X-rays, and direct palpations and inspections of the surgical site in order to identify the anatomy of the available bone. This system supports every type of certificated material for bone regeneration and/or requires the use of the various titanium membranes available from B. & B. Dental.