Meccanical Implant Manufacture

B. & B. Dental is the direct manufacturer of all its own products.
The production process is carried out in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 13485:2003 standard regarding medical devices, ensuring high quality products. The products also bear the 0123 mark, which certifies product conformity.


Our products undergo constant innovation deriving from our extended in-depth study projects, which aim to fully satisfy market demands and expectations. Significant investments are made in this respect. We dedicate great effort to creating an optimal fit between implants and prosthetic components, ensuring the perfect functionality of all the products in our range.


The company currently owns 9 precision lathes, equipment for the processing of implant surfaces (automatic sanders, semi-automatic etching systems, robotic scrubbers, automatic polishing machines), as well as a cleanroom for the assembly and packaging of products. Each batch of finished materials is checked accurately by experienced professionals.
We have a decontamination area where implants and prosthetic components are cleaned and decontaminated . Each item is packaged to preserve these conditions and only dental implants, healing screws, transfers, and spherical anchors are subjected to sterilization, which is achieved by gamma ray treatment at a specialized, authorized company.