Guided Surgery – Case Report

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Here follows dr. Alessandro Preda (university of Pavia) Guided Surgery case report

Step 01: 3D model and surgical guide with frontal locking pins
Step 02: Peek abutments previously selected (gums height and angulations) thanks to implant planification with 3D Software
Step 03: Case report
Step 04: Guide fastened with frontal pins
Step 05: Start of the surgical technique with circular tissue punch
Step 06: Mucous tissue removal
Step 07: Start of drilling sequence and crest smoothing
Step 08: Depth drill Ø 2.2 length 12 mm
Step 09: Widening drill ø 4 length 12 mm
Step 10: 3P implant insertion Ø 12 mm 4 L.
Step 11: Complete insertion with torque ratchet
Step 12: 3P implant insertion Ø 10 mm 5 L.
Step 13  3P implant Ø 10 mm 5 L.
Step 14: Peek abutments fixed on implants
Step 15: Temporary structure
Step 16: Provisional previously prepared
Step 17: Completed case with relining of the temporary structure