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Mission And Values

Our vision

We want to be the ideal partner in the reconstructive implantology and in the oral tissue regeneration-

b. & b. dental mission

We put a great effort in trying to improve the life quality of patients with missing teeth, giving to dentists implants and products for the tissue regeneration that are innovative and based on the evidence of results. Our most important values are: the respect for the person, customer service, efficiency and productivity, reseach of excellence and integrity.

reliable. simple. versatile. innovation

The functionality of our innovation, both for products and for treatment methods, is based on a simple principle. Our offert must satisfy the follow four key requirements: reliability, simplicity, versatility and innovation.


  • Implants are designed for an optimal answer of tissues.
  • Reduced healing times.
  • The connection Morse taper for the maximum stability.

  • The logical structure of the components.
  • Easy to learn procedures.
  • Only one surgical kit.


  • Good outcome of results for every indication.
  • Free choice of the surgical procedure.
  • Wide range of prosthetic options.


  • Guided surgery
  • Titanium membrane of the bone regeneration.
  • Sinus lift kit for crestal approach.