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Milling Center
Ti-Link and Premilled

Our milling services are designed for laboratories. Among the reasons to choose our services are our expertise and remarkable know-how combined with our team of specialists, technical support and top-rate manufacturing standards. From model scanning and digitizing, to scanning to verify the passive fit of the future structure, through to fabricating the structure with 5-axis machines designed to create extremely accurate geometries.

Milling Center

In dental CAD-CAM, pre-milled blanks are small titanium or cobalt-chromium blocks featuring a pre-machined connection interface, that are milled to obtain custom abutments. They combine the accuracy of machined connection interfaces with the versatility in creating abutment shapes offered by digital dentistry.
The design obtained by the virtual processing of STL data can be physically created using the rapid prototyping technologies available at B.&B. Dental. Depending on the type of design to be printed or on its required mechanical properties, B.&B. Dental can fabricate models using different materials.
We use certified software for advanced diagnostic applications: 3Diagnosys is the 3-D diagnostic imaging, analysis and simulation software specifically designed with clinicians’ needs in mind.
Thanks to its powerful tools, user can now interact with a patient’s 3-D model obtained by importing CT/CBCT/MR images in DICOM format in a more simple, intuitive manner. 3Diagnosys is a CE-marked medical device (Class IIA) designed in close collaboration with the best internationally renowned specialists.

Surgical guides are manufactured from designs created by B&B Dental using 3Diagnosys and PlastyCAD, or from STL files provided by customers. Surgical guides come complete with metal/PEEK cannulas compatible with the guided surgery kit chosen by the clinician. We also have laboratory models obtained from STL files complete with cast analogue housings for preparation of interim restoration. Made from high surface finish material.
B&B Dental uses optical scanning systems that make the procedure easier and faster.
Intraoral scanners offer intuitive, accurate and high-speed scanning as well as the power to create full-HD 3-D images to help achieve excellent clinical results.
Latest generation intraoral scanners have been designed to make scanning as convenient, ergonomic and low-cost as possible. The ideal choice for all dental professionals seeking for a user-friendly digital solution
to obtain scans for restorations, implant planning and surgical guide fabrication.
Thanks to these new technology solutions, B&B Dental paves the way for ultra-efficient workflows, making such processes as digital impression making, digital modelling and the delivery of scans to dental laboratories easy and fast.

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