Surgical Kit
Guided Surgery

B&B Dental has designed and implemented a tool kit specially conceived to optimize the execution of surgical procedures, which includes not only a complete series of milling cutters, but also special mounting devices for the insertion of the implant which are essential for professionals.

The latest updated version of the Kit is available, improved and completed according to our research.

Guided Surgery Kit

Use of
surgical instruments

The instruments are specially designed to allow the B&B Dental implants to be positioned once the procedure has been planned using the software and the surgical template has been built.
The instruments are used to cut into the mucous membrane, channel into the jawbone and create a clearly defined surgical site.
The kit offers an intuitive, colour-coded milling sequence, a mucous-membrane scalpel for flapless surgery, an adaptor for a 5.5mm-diameter mill, turbines, a converter and a universal ratchet.
The combination of these factors-, particularly the flapless technique, makes the operation minimally invasive, quicker and more economical.

Technical specifications

Millings cutters are made of tempered steel, ensuring an excellent balance between cutting capacity, inoxidability and high wear resistance.
However, it is necessary to keep their cutting profile under control at all times.

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