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Duravit Wide

DURAVIT WIDE Implant has a body with larger-than-conventional diameter for an immediate placement in a pre-molar and/or molar post-extractive site. Its characteristics allow an easy insertion and an optimal alveolar fit in order to achieve high primary stability. The final result is an excellent placement of the implant in extraction socket which minimizes the bone loss and the necessity for bone graft, moreover it reduces the treatment time and increases patient’s acceptance.

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DURAVIT WIDE Implant has exactly the same features of DURAVIT 3P Implant, it differentiates specially and only for its larger diameter, which implies even different use and function.

First of all it uses the connection CONEXA, which is the result of the combination of two geometries: internal hexagon and morse taper connection. The first one enhances the resistance to torsional loads for an absolute precision in abutment’s repositioning.

The second one instead creates a powerful mechanical bond, which means cold weld seal. Moreover it grants the elimination of micro movements and it prevents the risks of the unscrewing and breakage of the prosthetic screw. It adopts the platform switching technology that reduces the bone loss and creates long-term esthetic stability, as well as a perfect bacterial seal.

The retraction of cortical bone over time is prevented by the micro-grooving of the collar because it improves the load distribution for reducing the vertical stress and promotes the healing of soft tissues. Besides it has an anatomic design with a root-like structure.

The innovative macro morphology of DURAVIT 3P implants, more tapered towards the apex, was designed indeed to achieve excellent primary stability in cases where the bone tissue appears to be compromised, thus ensuring full integrity of the proximal structures.

Then it has a triple tread body. Its revolutionary triple thread body, the only one on its kind, facilitates the full implant body insertion compared to conventional implants, simplifying extremely the dentist’s job and significantly reducing placement time. The thread has a particular 60° beveled profile, whose shape, angle and depth have been specially designed to increase the bone contact surface and reduce invasiveness, thus improving the osseointegration process.

It is characterized even by its self-tapping system. Its design includes indeed a triple apex groove with a special oblique cutting section for self-tapping of the bone during placement, which at the same time serves to prevent any pressure-related trauma. Finally, the apex is defined “bone friendly”, because its shape is designed to lift the maxillary sinus membrane, thus avoiding the risk of perforations.

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DURAVIT WIDE Implant requires the same prosthetic components of DURAVIT 3P Implant. It need only some different surgical instruments, e.g. WIDE surgical kit.

Diametro ø 5.5
L. 6,25 ref. WIDE-5506
L. 08 ref. WIDE-5508
L. 10 ref. WIDE-5510
L. 12 ref. WIDE-5512
L. 14 ref. WIDE-5514
Diametro ø 6
L. 6,25 ref. WIDE-6006
L. 08 ref. WIDE-6008
L. 10 ref. WIDE-6010
L. 12 ref. WIDE-6012
L. 14 ref. WIDE-6014
Diametro ø 6.5
L. 6,25 ref. WIDE-6506
L. 08 ref. WIDE-6508
L. 10 ref. WIDE-6510
L. 12 ref. WIDE-6512
L. 14 ref. WIDE-6514
Diametro ø 7
L. 6,25 ref. WIDE-7006
L. 08 ref. WIDE-7008
L. 10 ref. WIDE-7010
L. 12 ref. WIDE-7012
L. 14 ref. WIDE-7014