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The DURAVIT SLIM Implant has a small diameter and was specifically designed for restorations in aesthetic zones, in particular the incisor region or cases with restricted mesiodistal space. It offers a solution for safely treating the most difficult cases of single-tooth edentulous mandibular incisors, as well as cases of maxillary lateral agenesis, achieving the very best esthetic results. The use of implants of traditional diameters increases clinical risks.

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The DURAVIT SLIM line includes both ø3 3P Implants and ø3.4 SLIM Implants. Since they are both narrow in diameter, they have the same conical connection and require the same specific prosthetic components, differing from the 3P, EV, and WIDE implants. 

The internal conical connection was designed for compact size, high resistance, and optimal fit. The gap between the implant and abutment is between 0.04 and 0.09 μm, which is the result of measurements at different levels on the conical connection.

This is an exceptionally safe adaptation, which helps to prevent bacterial inflammations that can occur at the interface between abutment and implant. In addition, it effectively eliminates any potential micro-movements.

The main characteristics that differentiate the two implants are: the number and features of the threads on the body, and the apical section. These determine the clinical cases in which they are suitable for use.


Ø 3 Duravit 3P Implants are chosen by dentists looking for excellent esthetics, especially in challenging situations. Lab tests and studies have demonstrated the high breaking strength and stability of these implants.   

They are suitable for all surgical procedures and excellent in all types of bone. They have a triple thread body for easy and fast insertion, better control during placement, and high primary stability. The apex is defined as “bone friendly”, because its shape is designed to lift the maxillary sinus membrane, avoiding the risk of perforation.


Ø 3 DURAVIT 3P Implants have had great success, encouraging further detailed studies resulting in the creation of the ø 3.4 SLIM Implant. It is ideal in conditions of spongy bone and suitable for post-extraction sites and cases of immediate loads. It differs from the earlier version for its very sharp double helix and wider groove, thus greatly improving the primary stability and self-tapping properties. This implant offers an excellent self-tapping and self-drilling solution, requiring small diameter preparations. Its anchorage and insertion are further facilitated by the apical blade.

Diametro ø 3
L. 08 ref. 3P-3008
L. 10 ref. 3P-3010
L. 12 ref. 3P-3012
L. 14 ref. 3P-3014

Duravit 3p and duravit slim surgical kit

These instruments are used to penetrate the soft tissue, perforate the mandible and maxillary bone to create the perfect surgical site in which to place the implant.

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