Duravit mini implant

Duravit Mini-implant

The MINI DURAVIT IMPLANT System is indicated in particular during the healing period after treatment with conventional implants, in order to stabilize removable dental prostheses for temporary use with a minimally invasive trasmucosal technique. It is also designed for definitive restoration of full-arches or partial prosthesis for immediate loading with both soft and dense bone.

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Mini implants can be o-ball or square head and they have the following features in common:

  • Made of commercially pure grade 5 titanium
  • Sandblasted and oxidized to increase the contact surface
  • Provided with self-threading collar and spirals for improved insertion and to ensure primary stability.
  • Sold in sterilized packaging
  • – Each mini implant is sold with its own plastic mounting device, permitting manual placement without contamination risks.

They both ensure high primary stability following a simple and precise surgical protocol. Often placement can be completed flapless and sometimes using the patient’s exiting denture. 


The O-BALL MINI DURAVIT IMPLANT line offers immediate long-term stability for removable prostheses, as well as functionality. They are available in 3 diameters (2.0 – 2.4 – 2.5) and in 3 different lengths (L. 10 – 13 – 15). They are supplied with a metal housing provided with medium retention O-ring , Ref. MD-3004.

ABUTMENT MINI IMPLANTs are mini implants with square heads. They are mostly placed in anterior sites to replace laterals, cuspids, and bicuspids. Generally they are used for specific single-tooth restorations. They require the use of castable square head caps with the function of transfer and abutment, Ref. MD-3006, and these need to be modeled and cast to achieve abutment. They are available in 2 diameters (2.4 – 2.5) and in 3 different lengths (L. 10 – 13 -15).


Attachments are designed for customized retention depending on each case, and three retentive options are available, differing in the dimension of the metal housing and the resistance of the internal O-ring. Long-term use might result in wear, but this problem can easily be solved by simply changing the O-ring. The attachments are also capable of correcting divergence between two implants by up to 30°.

Diametro ø 2.0
L. 10 ref. MD/20/10
L. 13 ref. MD/20/13
L. 15 ref. MD/20/15
Diametro ø 2.4
L. 10 ref. MD/24/10
L. 13 ref. MD/24/13
L. 15 ref. MD/24/15
Diametro ø 1.8
L. 10 ref. MD/20/10
L. 13 ref. MD/20/13
L. 15 ref. MD/20/15
Diametro ø 2.4
L. 10 ref. MA/24/10
L. 13 ref. MA/24/13
L. 15 ref. MA/24/15