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Duravit EV

DURAVIT EV Implant belongs to the latest generation of B. & B. Dental’s implants and it is a new therapeutic solution indicated for cases involving spongy bone (D3-D4), post-extraction conditions, small diameter preparations and immediate loads. For its specific characteristics guarantees the achievement of higher primary stability and an optimal control during the implant insertion, giving also the opportunity to change its direction.


DURAVIT EV Implant differs from other B. & B. Dental’s implants in its very sharp double helix that can penetrate spongy bone in a simple and non-traumatic fashion, thus making the implant self-tapping. The groove is wider than normal for improving greatly primary stability. These features help to condense the bone and to change direction during the implant placement.
Its collar has a back-tapered coronal design with micro rings which implies the obtaining of the maximum alveolar bone volume, an optimal soft tissue support, as well as it reduces the crestal resorption and facilitates a better load distribution.
It is characterized also by an apical part with threads really sharp and deep, which ensure an ideal anchorage. This apical blade will penetrate small diameter preparations, surgical procedures indeed required that the implant site has to be always under prepared.
Therefore DURAVIT EV Implant has an optimal self-tapping and self-drilling system.


DURAVIT 3P Implant uses the connection CONEXA, which is the result of the combination of two geometries: internal hexagon and morse taper connection. The first one enhances the resistance to torsional loads for an absolute precision in abutment’s repositioning. The second one instead creates a powerful mechanical bond, which means cold weld seal. Moreover it grants the elimination of micro movements and it prevents the risks of the unscrewing and breakage of the prosthetic screw. It adopts the platform switching technology that reduces the bone loss and creates long-term esthetic stability, as well as a perfect bacterial seal. Besides it has an anatomic design with a root-like structure. The innovative macro morphology of DURAVIT 3P implants, more tapered towards the apex, was designed indeed to achieve excellent primary stability in cases where the bone tissue appears to be compromised, thus ensuring full integrity of the proximal structures.


DURAVIT EV Implant requires the same surgical instruments of 3P and SL implants, as well as the same prosthetic components of 3P and WIDE implants.

Diametro ø 4
L. 08 ref. EV-4008
L. 10 ref. EV-4010
L. 12 ref. EV-4012
L. 14 ref. EV-4014
Diametro ø 4.5
L. 06 ref. EV-4506
L. 08 ref. EV-4508
L. 10 ref. EV-4510
L. 12 ref. EV-4512
L. 14 ref. EV-4514
Diametro ø 5
L. 06 ref. EV-5006
L. 08 ref. EV-5008
L. 10 ref. EV-5010
L. 12 ref. EV-5012
L. 14 ref. EV-5014

Duravit 3p and duravit slim surgical kit

These instruments are used to penetrate the soft tissue, perforate the mandible and maxillary bone to create the perfect surgical site in which to place the implant.

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