Healing components promote the restoration of soft tissues in the implant site for placement of the definitive abutment. They include cover screws and healing screws.

Healing Components


A grade 5 titanium cover screw is inside of the implant packaging. It is used whenever the implant has to be completely covered after placement. It is substituted with a healing screw 3 to 6 months later, reopening the flaps of the implant site.

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A healing screw must be applied on an implant to facilitate soft tissue recovery, appropriately adapted around the site using a suture. The rehabilitation of the gingiva permits insertion of an abutment.

 A healing screw can be used in both one-stage and two-stage surgery. In the first case the healing abutment is placed at the same time as implant insertion. The second case involves initially closing the implant with a cover screw and suturing the soft tissues above. Then after an appropriate healing period a healing screw is placed and you proceed as in one-stage surgery.

Healing screws are sold individually in a sterile medical envelope.

They are available in different heights and in 2 different diameters. Diameter 5 is most indicated for anterior areas, while diameter 6 is ideal for molar sites.