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B. & B. Dental S.r.l. is a leading italian company in the field of oral implantology.
B. & B. Dental S.r.l. is specialized in the development of dental implants and material for bone regeneration.
Over the years, we have created high-quality implant prosthetic techniques and innovative materials.
Launched in 1992 by Dr. Claudio Banzi, B. & B. Dental S.r.l.  is located in  San Pietro in Casale (Bologna).
It is in the same year that its first dental implant, called DURAVIT and already designed in 1991, is patented by the same company founder. Further resources were then invested for the patent for a bone regeneration material called   NOVOCOR PLUS, currently recognised by several operators as one of the most complete in the market.


The range of products offered by B. & B. Dental has been conceived by dental surgeons for dental surgeons backed by experienced engineers in implantology.
While already guaranteeing an extreme usability  of the surgical instruments, it has been possible to enrich an already wide range of drills and other accessories. For example, concerning the “sinus lift” method, it was conceived a dedicated kit, complete with metal stops, push pins, push screws and compactors-expanders: a kind of instrumentation aimed at allowing the doctor an optimal intervention. Other innovations in the field of bone regeneration have been introduced through the use of special membranes both in collagen that titanium, effective for the stabilization and protection of the grafted material.
All this allows us to understand how innovation is absolutely one of the key objectives that can be reached through some products and a technology in constant development and improvement. This in order to meet the needs of its customers but also ensuring, at the same time, the patient mouth well-being and his smile care.


B. & B. Dental’s regeneration products and materials are renowned for their high quality. Each step in the production process is continuously monitored by a sophisticated management system, which intervenes automatically in mid-process if there are any deviations from the set parameters. Quality control is based on a set of protocols known as SPC (Statistical Process Controls), in which the quantity and frequency of the controls (according to the type of product) and the criteria for acceptability are determined.
Sizing checks are carried out using the latest-generation three-dimensional measuring machines, which guarantee accuracy to within ± 0.005 mm (5 microns).
Production quality complies with EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2009 and Directive 93/42/EEC for Medical Devices.


The 90’s have seen a succession of new models and increasingly targeted objectives of Dr. Banzi aimed to get the availability of a full range of equipment depending on the specific identity of the different teeth, hence the AC conical (1994) and the subsequent AC molar (1996), up to the MINI Duravit, entered the market in 2000.

In this process of constant growth, B. & B. Dental has not lost sight of the needs of doctors, planning tools of great interest in the field of implantology.

Born in 1998, T-BARRIER, , the famous collagen membrane and, in 2002, after a decade of evolution composed of continuous improvements, PHYSIODISPENSER 3000 hits the market. Nowaday it is still considered  a very comprehensive tool that can deliver high performance combined with extreme simplicity.

This brings us to the two-year period 2004 – 2005: the model DURAVIT INN is issued as “Cylindrical” and as “Conical”. These are also the years when growing attention to overseas markets. B. & B. Dental actually has immediately caught the attention of international doctors; in the last ten years the company increased its structure and got started to handle massive and continous orders by dealers worldwide.

Thanks to its brand increasing presence in the world B. & B. Dental hit new markets, overcoming competition from other” competitors “multinational, such as China, Libya, Russia and Iran. This meant much for a company that has started to reap the benefits of a job focused on the quality and on the customer care in all its purchase path with, for example, the respect of delivery times. New investments, at the end of the 2000s, made possible the development of new models that are roughly those now being permanently offered on the market by B. & B. Dental. Tested and appreciated devices since 2007 when a team of engineers designed a new connection, called CONEXA. This in order to decrease the unscrewing of the screws and the prosthetic bacterial colonization at the level of the implant collar. This is how the second generation of systems DURAVIT INN was born.

Dal 2009/2010 è stata messa in produzione la “terza generazione” di impianti 3P, WIDE e ø 3, in cui è stata introdotta la spira a triplo filetto che riduce  considerevolmente il tempo di inserimento e il trapasso dell’osso, qualsiasi densità esso presenti.

Since the years 2009/2010 was put into production the ” third generation ” of impianti EV, SLIM and ø 3, in which was introduced the triple thread which considerably reduces the time of insertion and the passing of the bone at any density . Subsequently, in 2012/2013, were finally conceived the EV and SLIM implants, which differ in having a double thread groove depth increased for improving the primary stability, especially in spongy bone  and thanks to the high self-tapping and self-drilling system, such as to allow an easier insertion and the bone condensation.


What our future? Whereas the product has actually achieved high quality standards, however, still be improved, it is now possible to think about how to dedicate ourselves to make the dentist work even more comfortable and practical.

A strong signal to confirm this mission is the route taken by the founder of B. & B. Dental, Dr. Banzi, more and more interested in new techniques of “Guided Surgery”. Also in this case, a kit dedicated to this technique allows the doctor to move at his best  in developing  techniques  shared during  courses  held all over Italy. These are meetings that  draw the attention of more and more professionals to the enormous potential of this practice and its several benefits to the patient. Especially in terms of reduced time and success of the intervention.
B. & B. Dental also organizes conferences and courses, with relevant updates, worldwide (countries such as Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Serbia, Russia, Turkey) achieving success and very positive feedback.

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