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Novocor Plus

B. & B. Dental owns the patent for NOVOCOR PLUS. NOVOCOR PLUS is a natural grafting material (100% mineral), made from natural coral granules useful for the repair of bone defects in the orthopedic sector. In particular in odontostomatology it is used as a filler for implant sites after the placement of dental implants.


NOVOCOR PLUS is safe, sterile and easy to apply and handle. This medical material is made from granules of natural coral with a low surface-to-volume ratio of between 200 and 500 mm. Madreporic coral, also known as coral hydroxyapatite, consists of 98% calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite (CaCO3). Natural coral is one of the best osteoconductive materials for new bone growth in situations of low tissue metabolism. It is absorbed slowly and directly integrated into newly formed bone, allowing optimal cell adhesion and the absorption of the hydrophilic surface. Finally, it offers long term dimensional stability and total integration, thus excluding any inflammatory reactions.

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It provides stabilization of maxillary bone and can be used to repair furcation defects, peri-implant and intraosseous defects, and for filling extraction sockets. It is also ideal for maxillary sinus lifts, for vertical and/or horizontal augmentation.


Each box contains 4 capsules from 0.5 g.
Grain size: 0.2 – 0.5 mm.

Novocor Plus Coral madreporic made ​​up of 98% calcium carbonate from aragonite